Garage owner lives his dream

Garage owner Paul Adjayi is living his dream.

He was forced into making a tough decision a few short years ago but now knows it was the right one./images/2009_july/paul_and_matt_huddart1.jpg

Paul, who is pictured above with customer Matt Huddart from Ridgewood, had always wanted to run his own garage and was on the verge of buying one – having handed in his notice at work – when the deal collapsed.

The choice facing him was try to retrieve his old job or throw all his efforts into finding a new deal quickly.

He chose the latter and is now reaping the rewards. He has a loyal customer base and smart premises just outside the village where he lives. He says life couldn't be better.

Supporting Paul at work, as well as home in Blackboys, is his wife Sue, mother of their three children Ethan, aged four, Corrine, three, and Aston who is three-months-old.

Paul's business Kole Cars was launched two years ago in Lewes Road, Easons Green. It is a vehicle service, repair and diagnostics garage specialising in Audi although all other makes of car and light commercial vehicles are welcome.

Paul prides himself on customer service. ‘We like and enjoy cars but we also like and enjoy people, respecting them for their own individuality. We are not purely about being really good at fixing cars, we are really good at looking after our customers.'

Three of his customers were quick to agree. John Parham who lives in Uckfield met Paul when their children attended the same nursery and his two Audis have been serviced by Kole Cars ever since.

‘The garage is new and up-to-date and friendly. Also if you need your car Paul is happy to drop you off and return it later,' said John.

Tim Browne, of Buxted, has three vehicles serviced by Kole Cars, an Audi, a VW and a BMW, and says he is very impressed by the thoroughness of their work. He said: ‘They once even identified that the drinks holder didn't open. I know they have a good look around the car and check everything before it leaves the garage.'

Matt Huddart of Ridgewood said: ‘I think it is a fantastic, genuine service. Whatever work is needed Paul always keeps us well informed about the options.'

Paul was always confident he could make a success of his business and even in these difficult economic times he says it is going from strength to strength with plenty of room on site for expansion in the future.

‘We are finding more and more that people are seeking out local businesses, wanting to stay local, and this has big advantages for us all because it means we are working with people who are also our neighbours with children in the same schools. It is more interesting doing business with people you can get to know,' he said.

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