Bracket fungus in Fairwarp woods.

Fungi in Maresfield and Fairwarp

On a trip to the woods last year we were informed that due to the exceptionally dry weather it had meant bad news for local fungi and there weren’t many to see. This year however proved to be a very good year for fungi.

On walks bordering the Maresfield Recreation area and in the woods near Fairwarp there were several interesting and eye-catching specimens to photograph, writes Vanessa Thomas.

On a walk this week however it was clear that most of the fungi were dying down in the icy conditions.

Since there were several varieties it makes identification difficult and for those of you who are interested, Matthew Hutchings has created an online resource of the photographs he has taken, mainly in West Sussex called Visual Fungi.

The quintessential mushroom, Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria), made its appearance in the woods near Fairwarp and although beautiful it is both poisonous and hallucinogenic.


There were several types of bracket fungi clinging to logs and other types of parasol mushrooms on display and some of them were rather large as can be seen in the picture with Tilly the Springer here.


Even the pavements in Maresfield provided some interesting displays and the cluster pictured, right, was captured just before an efficient mowing crew put an abrupt end to it.


Another interesting specimen was the Ox tongue or Beefsteak bracket fungus growing on a log in the Fairwarp woods. It looked rather startling against the browns and greens.fungi_4_ox_tongue

Some bracket fungi are still putting on a lovely display in the woods currently although given the chilly conditions they may not be around for much longer.

A local resident indicated that there is a blue variety that grows near the Fairwarp Village Hall towards the end of autumn and it would be great to capture those next season.

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