Buying laminated bricks for this illustration of a house at Manor Primary School has raised enough money to build a house for a family in Uganda. Pictured during a non-uniform day at the school yesterday are Bonnie West, aged eight, and Becky Waters, nine. With them are deputy head teacher Peter Ediss and business manager Ruth Western.

Fund-raising success for Manor schoolchildren, Uckfield

It has taken just four weeks for children at Manor Primary School, Uckfield, to raise enough money to build a house for a family in Uganda.

Progress towards the target has been marked with laminated bricks being added to a giant house on the wall of the school hall and the final few were added yesterday, Thursday, October 23.

Each brick cost £2 and is marked with the name of the person donating the money, whether on the windows, the door, or the wall.

The fund-raising project has been supported by town businesses too. For example TR Fastenings has given £200.

And at the heart of the house there’s one very special brick where the door handle would be. That is in memory of the late Karen Miles, a member of staff at the school, who started off a project six years ago to support Akamada, a child in Kabubbu, Uganda.

manor school karen miles

A special brick in memory of the late Karen Miles, a member of staff at Manor, who encouraged children with fund-raising for Akamada in Uganda.

It reads: “My name is Karen Miles and I have bought this brick for Akamada’s house.”

There are 1,500 bricks in the house illustration and a further £1,800 has also been raised, with more expected, which means the house, costing £4,500 can now be built.

Business manager at the school, Ruth Western, who showed the house for the first time at an assembly last month said she was surprised and delighted that the money had been raised so quickly. She added: “I feel overwhelmed by everybody’s generosity.”

Ruth will be going to Kabubbu on November 10, and will be able to tell 13-year-old Akamada and his family the good news. They have no idea of all that has been happening in Uckfield to raise funds to buy land and build a house for them.

All the school’s fund-raising is done with the advice of the Quicken Trust charity and now the children will be asking how the money over the target figure can be spent. Ruth said it may be that they can buy furniture for the house or livestock to help the family live more sustainably.

When Ruth goes to Kabubbu she will help to build a house like the one for Akamada and also help with a literary project. She is looking forward to reporting back to Manor children on all she sees and does and to telling them more about Akamada.

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