Framfield, Ridgewood, parking and more in Observer’s sights

Our independent columnist Observer has some quick-fire views this week on a range of subjects affecting the Uckfield area.

Framfield mast: Some villagers and the parish council are at loggerheads over the siting of a mobile phone mast on the recreation ground, which has been given the go ahead.

I don’t know the ins and outs of it but found it unsettling to read that the parish clerk or councillors would not “enter into correspondence on the matter”.

It’s a strange way to deal with your electors. The council may be fed up with the issue but that surely is the wrong way to go about things. Smacks of feudal 1920s Britain, not transparent 2016.

Villagers might consider holding a parish poll (referendum). There’s a man in Uckfield who knows all about it.

Ridgewood Rec: Some villagers and the town council are at loggerheads over the siting of play equipment on the recreation ground. Again, I don’t know the ins and outs but was surprised to read the council is applying for retrospective planning permission.

Is this the town council whose plans committee so often condemns townspeople and companies for putting in retrospective planning applications after the work is done?  Seems like a case of do as I say and not as I do.

Southern watch: Three strike days and a mixture of buses and trains, except many trains ran and were not advertised. Stealth trains from Southern. What a way to run a railway.

Ashdown Forest Saturday bus: I supported this at the outset but have second thoughts on seeing the uptake. It’s a bit of a hidden secret and a distribution of 1,000 leaflets hardly constitutes a publicity campaign.

A reader on the Facebook page calculated the subsidy was £17.75 per passenger.

You could almost lay on a taxi for the passengers at that price.

Stop press: The lunchtime bottle of Chardonnay shared by the Uckfield crew in the Dog and Duck yesterday reached boiling point as club members suffered severe indigestion over the news that Uckfield Town Council was discussing parking in private.

Most of the group concluded the the town council was about to introduce pay parking, even though I said the town did not own any car parks, bar those at the Victoria Pleasure Ground or the Foresters Hall.

I also pointed out parking on the streets was down to the county council while the Luxford Field was Wealden district.

My facts rather fell on deaf ears. The Dog and Duck consensus was that town councillors would be toast by Christmas, if they pressed for any form of pay parking.

The Chardonnay was foaming, but I see their point.

What possibly can the town council be up to in discussing parking in private?

For my money, it is all down to this devolvement of powers we are hearing so much about. My money is on the town council wanting to take over the enforcement of on-street parking regulations in the High Street and elsewhere in the town.

The council is a full member of the group overseeing the roadworks and future regeneration and I can well see the argument for parking enforcement being locally controlled.

Until the town council makes a clear statement, your guess is as good as  mine.

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