Foodbank a ‘saviour’ when benefits payments delayed – Observer

Our columnist Observer is angry over benefit payment delays forcing people to go to Uckfield Foodbank, plus worries over those High Street roadworks and praise for Uckfield Town Council.

Uckfield Foodbank stepped in yesterday (June 19) to help a client whose benefits delays will not be sorted until mid-July because “someone is on holiday”.

The news, given on Twitter (see below), made my blood boil.

foobank snip

It is outrageous that there is no system in place to cover payments when staff are on holiday.

This is a not a break of a couple of days but seemingly a holiday of three weeks; if we are to take mid-July literally.

Obviously, I do not know the personal circumstances of this case but no-one should suffer in this way.

How can managers allow such a travesty of injustice? Have they no compassion? Where is the sense of fairness and decency?

AND how can there be such a lack of plain commonsense?

Before sitting down to write this column, I looked at some statistics of people using Uckfield Foodbank.

In its May newsletter, it listed benefit delays and low income as the two most common types of crisis its users faced. It was a similar story in April.

Benefit delays are a scandal affecting people most in need. They should, as far as possible, be eliminated.

Those responsible should hang their heads in shame (and I’m not referring to the person/people who are going on holiday).

Thank goodness for the Foodbank and I unashamedly plug their website where there are details of how you can donate – and also seek help, if needed. Click here

HIGH STREET WORKS: Parking spaces halved or parking space tripled. That’s the thing with statistics, you can often make them illustrate opposing points of view.

Personally, I would have thought you could get more than 23 spaces into the High Street while still widening pavements and eliminating spaces that endanger drivers and pedestrians.

The big concern surely is the length of time the works will take and one-way working. Sounds like a nightmare all round. See stories here and here for all the details.

SAFETY DAY: Congratulations to the town council for again staging the safety day for primary school children on the Luxford Field. It is also right to say thanks to the services which provided displays etc, the Lions who helped fund the prizes and volunteers.

I don’t know how much it cost the council to put on – not a huge amount, I would imagine – but it was worth every penny. You can’t put a value on a child’s life.

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