Bees are enjoying the sedum.

Flowers are surviving well in Uckfield garden

We were lucky to have a mostly-dry month of August. For the garden this meant the flowers had to be regularly watered to ensure that they lasted, and they have.

Most of the plants in pots are still looking colourful, if a bit bedraggled now. It’s good to see that as those plants start to die, new buds are emerging, writes the Uckfield News Anonymous Gardener.

In the back borders of the garden I spotted an orange rosebud which when it opens out will look beautiful.


A beautiful rosebud.

The same goes for the ornamental rose which has been struggling for a while, it now finally has a small bud. In the next few weeks this will need re-potting. Buds on the hydrangea are also showing signs of new flowers to follow.

This month brambles have been trying to take over the garden, as you can see from the picture. They have got very long and wrap themselves around other bushes and get tangled up. They will need to be removed but with thick gloves, to avoid being pricked by the thorns!


Brambles would take over the garden given half a chance but we’re putting a stop to that.


This moss is no longer in the guttering.

One of the main tasks this month was clearing out the gutters. In theory the gutters shouldn’t get blocked because they have a mesh over them which stops moss falling in and blocking it, however sediment from the roof still falls in when it rains, then moss creeps through and starts to grow. So this month it was a case of lifting up the mesh and removing all the moss.

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