Peacocks manager Lauren Humphrey surveys water damage inside the store following flash flooding in the High Street.

Flash flood hits Uckfield – clean-up operation begins this morning

Flash floods hit Uckfield overnight and traders arrived at work this morning to find shop floors muddy and under water.

It looked as if Peacocks and Boots were the worst hit. The news agents closer to the river had escaped damage and so had Martin and Co letting agents but there were signs of water in the shops between them, including Duke Letting and St Peter and St James charity shop.


The sight that greeted Peacocks manager Lauren Humphrey when she arrived at work this morning.


Mud in Peacocks following a flash flood last night.

Across the road mud and water could be seen inside Boots.

There was a trail of soil and rubble down the High Street where water swept down the road, pooling at the bottom but clearing by this morning.


More water at the back of Peacocks store following last night’s flash flood.

Lauren Humphrey, manager of Peacocks, arrived at work just before 7am to discover the floor under about two inches of water to one side and at the back. She had no idea there had been flash flooding.


Sandbags outside St Peter and St James Hospice shop.

Some of the clothing was ruined as it trailed in the water. She was relieved to say the stock room was upstairs and safe from damage.

Lauren only took over as manager at Peacocks in September and the store has been doing very well. She said Uckfield was the nicest town she had worked in and the shop had been doing even better than Peacocks in Brighton – despite the roadworks.

“It is heartbreaking to see this when we have been doing so well,” she said.

Graham Pope from Martin and Co had heard about the flooding and arrived at work early not knowing what he would find. He was relieved the shop was undamaged.

“The new kerbs are higher outside the shop here so I’m wondering whether that helped us,” he said.


Rubble left in Uckfield High Street following last night’s flash flood.

The River Uck is looking high too but there are no flood warnings in place for the Uckfield area (at 8.12am). See the River Uck webcam here.

Thanks to Emma Jay Keaveny for the two pictures below which showed the flooding last night.


Flooding in Uckfield last night looking towards the north of town, with Peacocks on the right.


Another view of flooding in Uckfield last night. The water had disappeared from the High Street by this morning when a clean-up operation began in the shops.

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