Five people apply for two vacancies on Uckfield Town Council

Five people have applied to fill two casual vacancies on Uckfield Town Council.uckfield-town-council-un

Two, who would like to be councillors in Uckfield Ridgewood, are Peter Selby and Karen Bedwell.

Three, would would like to be councillors for Uckfield North, are Colin Snelgrove, Lisa Smith, and Patricia Dann.


Co-option will be considered by a full meeting of the town council tonight, the first to be held since elections 11 days ago.

Too few people stood in Uckfield Ridgewood and Uckfield North for there to be elections in those wards at the same time as other town council wards.

The candidates who have now come forward will be given the opportunity to introduce themselves tonight, give information on their background and experience, and explain why they wish to become a member of the town council.


Afterwards councillors will vote to decide who should be co-opted. They are not obliged to co-opt any  if it is felt candidates are not suitable.

The process will be carried out in public session and there will be no private discussions between members beforehand.

In order for a candidate to be elected to the council it will be necessary for them to obtain 50% plus one of the votes available at the meeting.

Mayor and deputy mayor

Also tonight an Uckfield Mayor and deputy will be elected by councillors. So far the current mayor, Cllr Spike Mayhew, and deputy mayor Cllr Jackie Love, have been nominated – by themselves – for the positions.

Decisions will be made on who should serve on standing committees, including general purposes (nine members), environment and leisure (nine members), and plans (seven members).

Members will also be appointed to serve on personnel and finance committees, and the editorial panel of a council newsletter, on outside bodies, and on a Civic Centre working group.


Other items on the agenda include confirming support for an Uckfield plastic-free campaign, and specifically surfers against sewage objectives for a plastic-free community.

Councillors will also consider providing financial support to the Ridgewood Village Hall Committee for a proposed hall extension.


Councillors making up the new Uckfield Town Council, so far, include:

Jez Beesley, Trust Independent
Duncan Bennett, Trust Independent
Ben Cox, Labour and Co-operative
James Edwards, Liberal Democrats
Helen Firth, Conservative
Donna French, Trust Independent
Gary Johnson, Conservative
Jackie Love, Trust Independent
Chris Macve, Trust Independent
Spike Mayhew, Trust Independent
Angie Smith, Labour
Paul Sparks, Liberal Democrat
Diane Ward, Independent

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