Uckfield trains will be replaced by buses to Crowborough in the new year

First train will leave Uckfield at 4.48am – and it’s a bus

Southern has published the bus timetable to be used for the first six weeks of the new year to cover Uckfield train services to Crowborough, writes Paul Watson.

The railway line will be completely closed between January 4 and February 19 to allow for platform lengthening work to be carried out, particularly at Uckfield where access is difficult.

Initially, Network Rail had hoped to reach the platform via the Hempstead Meadows Nature Reserve.

The town council refused to give permission for a haul road across the reserve, forcing Network Rail to change plans.

Details of replacement bus timings


The first train currently leaves Uckfield at 5.16am.

Users will have to be up even earlier to catch the rail replacement bus to Crowborough which will depart at 4.48am, calling at Buxted at 5.01am, arriving at Crowborough at 5.20am for the train depature to London Bridge at 5.27am.

Connecting buses will run between Uckfield-Buxted-Crowborough and back throughout the day.

Uckfield trains replaced by buses


Departures from Uckfield are (Buxted departures in brackets) 4.48am (5.01), 5.11am (5.24), 6am (6.13), 6.37am (6.50), 7am (7.13), 7.31am (7.44) 8.02 am (8.15) – and then hourly until 4.02pm (4.15) – 4.32pm (4.45) ,5.07pm (5.17), 5.32pm (5.45), 6pm (6.13), 6.32pm (6.45), 7.02pm (7.15), 7.32pm (7.45), 8.02pm (8.15), 9.02pm (9.15), 10.02pm (10.15) and 10.43pm (10.56).

Southbound services from Crowborough to Uckfield begin with the 6.24am bus which calls at Buxted at 6.43am and Uckfield at 6.56am.

The last bus to Uckfield leaves Crowborough at 12.14am, Buxted at 12.33am and arriving in Uckfield at 12.46am.

Buses will connect with trains to and from Crowborough


Both north and soundbound buses will connect with the trains arriving and departing Crowborough.

After the full closure of the line to Crowborough, a second period when the closures will only be off-peak is scheduled for February 29 to March 24.

Work on extending platform on the line up to Hurst Green, to accommodate longer, ten-car trains, has gone on apace this autumn.

At Buxted the 115m northward extension of the platform is taking shape; as it is at a number of other locations.

*While the line is closed in January and February, Network Rail will improve the drainage in the 1km Crowborough tunnel, which is just south of the station.

Southern said this was vital work and if it was not done at this time, it would have had to be undertaken within the next two years, leading to lengthy line closures.

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