First picture found of Uckfield soldier Albert Corden

A picture has been found of Uckfield World War 1 soldier Pt Albert Corden whose medals have been bought for the town.


A copy of a newspaper cutting from August 4, 1916, found in the British Newspaper Archive, which reports the wounding of Pt Albert Corden.

Donna French, an Uckfield town councillor, who spotted the medals for sale online, and bought them with the help of other townspeople, posted a newspaper cutting, on the Uckfield Talk page last night, which included a picture of Pt Corden.

The cutting of an article from the Sussex Express, Surrey Standard and Kent Mail, published on August 4, 1916, was discovered by Su Turley who found it within the British Newspaper Archive.

Donna said: “It’s amazing to put a face to the story but sad at the same time. The newspaper also details the deaths and injuries of other Uckfield soldiers.”

The article reads:

“News was received at the beginning of the week that Private A. Corden, who is a son of Mr and Mrs Corden of High Street, Uckfield, had been wounded by a bullet which struck him whilst working in an advanced trench.

“The missile entered his right side and passed out of his back, happily without injuring the spine.

“His parents have received two cards from him, written at the 2nd Western Hospital, Manchester, from which it is hoped that he is progressing towards recovery.

“Mr and Mrs Corden’s eldest son, Fred joined up but was discharged on medical grounds, and his younger brother, who is of diminutive size also went to join, but – and he laughingly tells the story – the recruiting sergeant on catching sight of him picked him up in his arms and carried him into the office.

“He measured only 26 inches round the chest and was sent home again.”

Sadly Pt Corden died in hospital in Brighton, on December 15, 1918.

He is buried in a quiet corner of Uckfield cemetery near other war graves.

Private Albert Corden's grave (foreground) with other war graves in Uckfield cemetery

Private Albert Corden’s grave (foreground) with other war graves in Uckfield cemetery

Donna also discovered an article from the Sussex Agricultural Express, dated Friday, December 20, 1918 which reported the military funeral of Pt Corden.

It reads:

On Thursday the remains of Private A. Corden, Royal Sussex Regiment, were laid to rest in the cemetery with military honours.

Private Corden was the son of Mr and Mrs A Corden of High Street, Uckfield. Born at Newhaven 26 years ago, he was educated at The Board Free School there. About seven years ago he came to Uckfield with his father and remained with him until he joined up in September 1914.

During the early part of his service he was leading side drummer, but latterly he was Battalion Headquarters Runner, and though frequently offered stripes he preferred to retain his original rank.

He had seen a good deal of fighting and was wounded on two occasions – at The Somme in 1916 and afterwards at Beersheba (in the Middle East).

When he returned from The Somme he told friends that he was lucky to be there as his company came out only nine strong, of whom he was one. He only arrived from Flanders about three weeks ago and was on a visit to his parents when he was removed to Bear Hill Sanatorium, Brighton, and found to be suffering from diptheria, from which he died on Sunday.

Read more about how Pt Corden’s medals were secured for the town here: Uckfield World War 1 medals are bought for the town

Pt Corden served with the 16th (Sussex Yeomanry) battalion of the Royal Sussex Regiment, which was part of the 74th Division.

He is remembered by the Sussex Yeomanry Association, along with other fallen soldiers, at services each year.

Vice-chairman of the association, David Collett, from Ridgewood, said: “The names of The Fallen are recorded in a Roll of Honour that includes Pt Corden. Although the Roll is not in a book the names are displayed on plaques planted in the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey.

“A service is held there each year on the Thursday before Remembrance Sunday. A fellow Yeoman attends the service on behalf of the association.”

Read more here: Uckfield World War 1 soldier remembered by Yeomanry association


Donna French holds the medals awarded to Pt Albert Corden which have been bought for the town.

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