Firefighters stage dramatic exercise at Uckfield road safety day

Uckfield firefighters showed visitors to a road safety day at Uckfield how they cut people free from a crashed car.

The crew swung into action this morning (Saturday) and removed the roof of the vehicle and then carefully extricated the driver who was simulating having a possible back and neck injury.

The crew used powerful cutting tools with precision and then peeled off the roof of the car. Then they took great care to free the “trapped” person.

A seat belt sledge was another popular attraction. Sitting in a car seat and wearing a seat belt, people slid down a short slope to come a halt as the sledge hit the bottom. The “passenger”  was held in place by the seat belt.

Police also had a computer game which allowed drivers two “runs”. The first was as normal and then as if they were twice the legal alcohol level to drive.

There were other static exhibitions at the fire station, including a crashed car and a crushed car, which was there to show what can happen to a vehicle if the driver has no insurance.

Civic leaders

Among the visitors to the road safety day were civic leaders including town mayor, Ian Smith; Uckfield county councillor, Claire Dowling; the county councillor for Ridgewood, Chris Dowling; and other town councillors.

The head of Sussex Roads Police, Chief Inspector Natalie Moloney, presented gift vouchers to two youngsters who had won competitions at a young driver day at Heathfield. One of the youngsters Jack Foord (17) acted as the “driver” for the fire service’s rescue operation.

*Top road safety tip: Give yourself plenty of time for your journey so you never have to rush.

Below the gallery are two videos. One is of the firefighters removing the roof of a “crashed car” and rescuing the driver. the second is of former town mayor Cllr John Carvey, trying out the seatbelt sledge. Click on photographs in the gallery to enlarge.


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