Farmers’ market Uckfield High Street move wins support

Update, July 12, 2016: Uckfield Town Council ‘s environment and leisure committee agreed last night (July 11) to support in principle moving the town’s monthly farmers’ market to the High Street.

They agreed a recommendation to liaise with other partner authorities to establish the feasibility of moving the market once the High Street improvement works are completed.

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Uckfield Farmers’ Market could be moved into the town’s High Street if a proposal before the town council is approved.

This was an idea thrown into the pot by Uckfield News independent columnist Observer last month and now the council’s environment and leisure committee is to consider it.

Town clerk Holly Goring says in a report to a meeting of the committee on Monday, July 11, that the farmers’ market has been displaced in recent months to the far northwestern corner of Luxford’s Car Park due to highway improvement works under way in the High Street and the need for a works compound in its place.

Public debate

She adds: “This recent relocation has rekindled a public debate and been noted in the local media.”

“Uckfield Town Council has considered the relocation of the farmers’ market in previous years and whether to place it in a more prominent High Street position. At that time there was limited space available within the High Street and therefore it was not possible.

“However the completion of the highway improvement works to Uckfield High Street may provide more opportunities within this area, with the introduction of wider pavements which could enable the positioning of farmers’ market stalls.

Attract visitors

“This could also attract visitors to the High Street and benefit local businesses.”

The clerk proposes the town council considers the benefits of relocating the monthly farmers’ market into the newly refurbished High Street and liaises with the relevant partner authorities to establish the feasibility of the suggestion.

Read Observer’s comments about moving the farmers’ market here: Uckfield Farmers’ Market needs a new home, says Observer.

And read a developer’s suggestion that the farmers’ market be put at the heart of Uckfield’s redevelopment: Developer’s ideas for future of Uckfield Farmers’ Market.

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