Facts and figures about Uckfield people

Interested in facts and figures about Uckfield – how many people live in town, where do they work and what is the average weekly wage? You’ll find the answers in this Uckfield News story.

The figures are taken from the Wealden Draft Local Plan which goes out for consultation next week. Read more about the plan in this previous Uckfield News story: What Draft Local Plan envisages for Uckfield.


Figures, taken from the 2011 census show:

Population: 14,493 people. (Fewer than in Crowborough and Hailsham).

The proportion of people in different age groups is as follows:

0-14: 17.8%. The Wealden average is 16.5%

15-29: 17%. Wealden average is 14.3%

30-44: 20.1%. Wealden average is 16.8%

45-64: 28%, slightly lower than the Wealden average

65 and over: 17.1%. Wealden average is 22.9%


Chart showing Uckfield population by age. Figures have been rounded.


In the 16-74 age group, 75.5% of people are economically active. That is higher than Wealden’s average of 70.1%.

The percentage self-employed, 12%, is slightly lower than the Wealden average of 15.7%.

Uckfield has a slightly higher percentage of unemployed people, 2.9%, and a smaller percentage of the population who are retired, 13.8%, compared to the respective averages for the district of 2.5%, and 18%.


The highest proportion of the population work in the wholesale and retail trade, repair of motors, 18%, followed by human health and social work activities, 12%, and education 10.4%.


The estimated average total weekly income for households in Uckfield in 2011/2012 is £823.84 gross, which is similar to the district average of £819.40.


The percentage of people without qualifications is 18.3%. Those with the highest level of qualifications is 25.5%. Those numbers are lower than the corresponding averages for the district of 19.9% and 28.9%.


The 2011 census shows that 15.4% of Uckfield’s population has long term health problems or disabilities – that’s lower than the district average of 17.5%.

Childhood health – children aged four to five classified as overweight or obese in 2012 and 2014 in the Uckfield wards ranged from 14.4% in Uckfield New Town to 25.5% in Uckfield Ridgewood. The average percentage for all Uckfield wards was 18.4%, which was above the district average of 17.8%.

Similarly the average percentage of overweight or obese children aged 10-11, for all Uckfield wards of 28.1%, is higher than the district average, 26.4%, for the age group, with only Uckfield Ridgewood ward being lower at 23.9%.

Life expectancy

The average life expectancy in 2012-2014 for the Uckfield wards is 84 years, higher than the Wealden average of 83 years, with Uckfield New Town having the highest life expectancy, 87 years, of all the wards.

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