Seven facts help show the cost of litter in Uckfield

Litter bin provision in Uckfield is to be reviewed by a working group of town councillors.

The group will aim to come up with a sustainable strategy and set criteria for any further town council provision of bins.Street litter

Here are seven facts about litter in Uckfield

1. Wealden District Council is the council charged by law with the responsibility to deal with litter. The town council is solely responsible by law for litter on its own land, for example the Luxford Field and the Victoria Pleasure Ground.

2. The town council has 74 litter bins,  most on its open spaces but a few are installed under licence in the High Street and on highways land next to town council bus shelters. 

3. Uckfield Town Council spent more than £4,000 on dealing with litter in the financial year 2014/15. The money included spending on new bins and their installation, sacks for the bins and collection and waste disposal.

4. Uckfield Town Council staff spend about 20 hours a week emptying bins.

5. A litter bin costs the town council about £150 to buy. On top of that are installation costs, emptying costs and eventual replacement costs. Life expectancy is about three years, subject to no vandalism. This all has to be paid for out of the council tax levied by the town council. Provision of a litter bin is not, therefore, a one-off cost.

6. Litter was a topic raised on the doorsteps during  canvassing for May’s town council elections, town councillor Duncan Bennett (Trust Independent, New Town), said. People felt there were not enough bins away from the High Street. 

7. Brighter Uckfield is a community action group which clears litter on a regular basis from “hot-spots” as well as tackling more longer-term projects.

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