Exquisite detail in layouts at Uckfield Model Railway Club exhibition

Big talking points at Uckfield Railway Club Exhibition which opened this morning at the Civic Centre are a tiny stork flying over a mill in the Netherlands, and a swan swimming nearby on the river.

How is the stork suspended? By one filament of a piece of dental floss. The swan moves with the help of a magnet.


A tiny stork flies over a windmil in the De Graafstroom layout at the Uckfield Model Railway Club exhibition.

This layout is De Graafstroom based on the windmill where the owner’s father lived and the dairy factory where his Uncle Cor worked all his life.

Layouts on show this year are, as usual, exquisite. A speck of dust can gum up the moving parts so imagine the potential for problems on another layout where a digger is pulling sand from a quarry and filling railway trucks.

Uckfield Mayor Cllr Spike Mayhew who opened the exhibition shook his head in amazement as he looked round the displays. He is a train driver and said: “I drive trains as a job. This is a passion. The detail these people go into is mind-numbing. The time and patience needed is extraordinary.”

There to help with marshalling the event were students from Uckfield College. They exhibited last year and are currently working on a new layout helped by club member Keith Harcourt.


Uckfield Model Railway Club members with marshalls from Uckfield College.

Uckfield News pictures below give you an idea of what can be seen at the exhibition which will be open today until 5pm and again tomorrow from 10am to 5pm.


Uckfield Mayor Cllr Spike Mayhew with founder and president of Uckfield Model Railway Club Roger Bradgate.

uckfield-model-railway-club-8 uckfield-model-railway-club-7 uckfield-model-railway-club-layout-3 uckfield-model-rail-club-layout-1 uckfield-model-railway-club-layout-2 uckfield-model-railway-club-layout-4 uckfield-model-railway-club-layout-6 uckfield-model-railway-club-layout-9 uckfield-model-railway-club-thakeham-tiles uckfield-model-railway-club-netherlands uckfield-model-railway-club-swan


uckfield-model-railway-club-sandpit-2 uckfield-model-railway-club-layout-5

• One of the biggest problems faced by Uckfield Model Railway Club is finding a big enough space to work in.

If you, or anyone you know, has a big barn they could use they would be very pleased to hear from you on 01825 762783. More space is needed to encourage more people, especially the young, to get involved with their projects.

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