Evidence shows farmers’ market should be in High Street – Observer

Why, oh why, oh why is Uckfield Farmers’ Market still stuck out on the Luxford Field, when it should be in the High Street, asks Observer?

A couple of years ago there was widespread support in Uckfield to move the monthly farmers’ market from the Luxford Field to the High Street.

I remarked at the time it was a no brainer.

Surely, having the market right next to the shops is a win, win.

The town council saw the sense of it but then the dead hand of higher authority slapped it down.

Health and safety

Our good friends health and safety slapped down the idea.

Fair enough.


What about the pop-up stalls that have appeared during the summer to sell membership to a wildlife group?

Carnival day

That didn’t seem to cause any problems.

Then, we have carnival day.

There are stalls along the High Street, trading happily while traffic – now restricted to 20mph – goes past.

Admittedly, some of these ‘stalls’ are heavyweight vehicles.

However, I would argue a principle has been established over many years.

The will to do something

If there was a will to give Uckfield Farmers’ Market a prime High Street spot for a few hours once a month, I am sure a way could be found.

Too many people fall back on health and safety as a reason for not doing something.

The solution is to get people’s safety right and get the market moved – pronto.

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