Lewes Road, Ridgewood – even tougher traffic calming now planned

Even tougher traffic calming planned for Lewes Road, Ridgewood

Traffic calming for Lewes Road, Uckfield is to be further ‘beefed up’ under the latest plans put forward in connection with the development of 1,000 homes at Ridgewood Farm.

There will be two accesses on to Lewes Road from two phases of the development.

Speed-reduction ‘tables’ – similar to the ones in Maresfield are now planned.

30mph limit

Initially, they were not in the plan but are now included because it is believed the measures first put forward would not sufficiently slow vehicles.

A report to town councillors said: “The initial proposal suggested extending the 30mph speed limit southwards on the Lewes Road to the Little Horsted roundabout.

“However, due to the current ‘high’ speeds of vehicles using the road, together with comments from the bus company, priority working features did not provide an appropriate traffic calming solution.”

The housing developer is now promoting a revised traffic calming scheme comprising:

  1. Raised table top junctions at the two new site accesses (75mm high)
  2. A series of speed cushions along Lewes Road, between the new southern most access/table top junction and the junction with New Road (four sets, two abreast, 75mm high).
  3. Extend the 30mph limit southwards along Lewes Road to just north of the Little Horsted roundabout and providing a gateway feature at its commencement.

Councillors were concerned about the potential rise in vehicle emissions caused by speed-reduction ‘tables’ and ‘cushions’.

It was also said that it was government policy to phase out such devices by 2040.

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