Entrepreneurial Uckfield children boost playground fund

More than £1,300 was raised towards a school grounds development project during the first-ever Enterprise Week at Manor Primary School, Uckfield.

Each year group at the school was given £50 by the Friends of Manor School and asked to turn it into as much money as possible through business enterprise.

They were given a week leading up to a Grand Sale and all profits made at the sale were to go towards the school grounds development.

Foundation Stage children printed their own computer generated artwork and created gift cards for sale.

Year 3 produced tea light holders painted with Buddhist inspired designs.

Year 2 sold decorative pebbles and set up a teashop selling homemade dinosaur shortbread.

The winning year group was Year 4 who sold tie-dyed bandanas, friendship bracelets and home made lemonade from their stall called “Summer Fun for Everyone”.

The children explained how they brainstormed for ideas, thought about the “buyability” of the designs and looked at affordability and costings.

Kian from Year 4 explained: “We had to work alone sometimes and in teams. We used our maths to work out the costings and give change on the day. I really enjoyed the sales part”.

Jamie, also from Year 4 said: “The lemonade sold out really quickly so we think we could have made much more of it and charged a higher price. But we decided to drop the price of the bandanas as the sale went on, to make sure we weren’t left with any stock.”

Margaret Coleman, headteacher said, “Every year group has come up with something splendid. I have spent a small fortune this afternoon on everything from the Year 6 Fuzzable Wuzzable toys to Year 5’s Willy Wonka inspired sweets in lovely gift bags.

“I have bought framed artwork to go on my wall and a brilliant pebble painted as a penguin to use as a paperweight.

“I am so impressed with the children’s creativity and entrepreneurism.”

The competition was very tight, but the winning team made a fantastic £250 profit.

Overall, the Grand Sale made £1360 towards the school grounds development project – after the Friends of Manor School had been paid back their original stake.


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