Lance Dixon of Dixon Vince Estate Agents paints over graffiti on the wall of his premises.

Eleven properties in Uckfield High Street damaged by graffiti

Eleven properties in Uckfield High Street were damaged by graffiti between Saturday, November 8 and Tuesday, November 11, according to police who are appealing for witnesses. reported on Monday that shopkeeper James Anderson was trying, with difficulty, to clean off paint daubed on his shop by vandals.


Flashback to Monday: James Anderson tries to scrub graffiti from his shop.

He was scrubbing parts of the walls on All Sorts on the corner of the High Street and Grange Road. Other premises in the vicinity, including a charity shop were similarly defaced.

Yesterday Mr Anderson said he had only managed to fade the graffiti but he was planning to try again today with nail polish remover after somebody had told him that might work.

Meanwhile further up the High Street Lance Dixon of Dixon Vince Estate Agents decided to paint over the scribble on his premises, see picture at the top of the page.

And beyond there behind the High Street, in the area where the old Uckfield hospital used to be, a private house was daubed.

The home owner discovered the scribble on Tuesday morning and said it was impossible to remove. She had used bleach but only managed to fade it. She has reported the vandalism to the police.

Police are appealing for people to call them on 101 with any information about the graffiti.

And local PCSO Anthony Moore contacted to ask that anyone who is the victim of a crime report it to the police via the 101 number.

He added: “We really need the residents of Uckfield to report any crime to us, especially when it is linked to a series like this. We need everyone to report it so we know how big the problem is.”

Some of the other properties damaged included KC News/Archway, Charcoal Grill, Simpsons, David Angelo Hairdressing and W.H. Smith, according to people who commented on the Uckfield News Facebook page – and a bus was vandalised too.

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