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Elections always see some good MPs and councillors bow out.

Some do not seek re-election and others fail at the ballot box. That’s democracy.


Charles Hendry.

I certainly make no political points – or have any favourites – but I do wish Charles Hendry well. He can look back at a “job well done” in Wealden.

Mr Hendry was always quick off the mark when taking up constituents’ problems and my experience is that he would ask the right people the right questions.

He also, I thought, made a good energy minister who was unfortunate to lose his job in a government reshuffle. That was the Conservative’s loss but then Prime Ministers do seem to make some odd decisions when making mid-term changes to the government.

On a much more local scene, a considerable number of Uckfield town councillors are standing down.

It can be a thankless task being a councillor. The phone can ring any day, any time with a resident wanting you to solve a problem.

Also, attending meetings is but a part of the job. A lot goes on unseen with councillors expected to “show up” at local events, represent the council on various outside committees and also taking a lead on certain policy issues.

Councillors are certainly not in it for the money.

I’m never one to complain about a councillor receiving allowances and expenses. It would be totally wrong for a candidate not to stand “because they cannot afford to”.

And I think it unfortunate that Wealden District Council holds its committee meetings in the day time – surely a deterrence for some working people.

It rather harks back to the feudal days of local government. Hopefully, new councillors will have new ideas.

At least Uckfield Town Council meets in the evenings.

So, my thanks to those councillors in Uckfield who are standing down. Your work is appreciated.

I may not agree with what you have done and said on all occasions but that does not prevent me from saying thank you.

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