Election results for Uckfield wards in district and town elections

Election results for Uckfield wards in Wealden District and Uckfield Town councils and surrounding villages are now in.

Successful candidates include:

Wealden District Council Uckfield Wards

Uckfield East (1 seat), total number of votes cast 960
Paul Sparks, Liberal Democrats 527 – ELECTED
Bruce Broughton-Tompkins, Conservative 268
Gareth Stell, UKIP 145
Turnout: 35.64%

Uckfield New Town (2 seats), total ballot papers 1926
Claire Dowling, Conservative 706 – ELECTED
Helen Firth, Conservative 681 ELECTED
Ben Cox, Labour and Co-operative 662
Paul Meakin, Liberal Democrats 456
Melissa Petty, Green 407
Carole Ridout, Liberal Democrats 285
Turnout: 39.78%

Uckfield North (1 seat), total number of votes cast 702.
Peter Waldock, Conservative, 305 votes – ELECTED
Tim Murray, Liberal Democrats, 136
Angela Smith, Labour and Co-operative, 124
Simon Harriyott, Green, 123
The turnout was 29.03%.

Uckfield Ridgewood and Little Horsted (1 seat), total number of votes cast 686
Gary Johnson, Conservative 296 – ELECTED
James Edwards, Liberal Democrats 203
Toby Quantrill, Green 100
Tony Fielding, Labour 73
Turnout: 36.64%.

Results from nearby villages

Buxted (1 seat), total number of votes cast 1,104
Toby Illingworth, Conservatives 647 – ELECTED
Caroline Coxon, Green 357
Mark Chapman, Labour 87
Turnout: 36.66%

Chiddingly, East Hoathly and Waldron (1 seat), total number of votes cast 1126
Geoffrey Draper, Conservatives 604 – ELECTED
Alison Wilson, Green 225
Katrina Best, Liberal Democrats 150
Rupert Wilkinson, Labour 119
Turnout: 41.30%

Danehill and Fletching (1 seat), total number of votes cast 1,301
Roy Galley, Conservative 749 – ELECTED
Simon Darlington-Cramond, Green 523
Turnout: 40.04%

Framfield and Cross in Hand (1 seat), total number of votes cast 996
Ann Newton, Conservative 574 – ELECTED
Tim Parry Green 250
Graham Shevill, UKIP 84
Laura Burstow, Labour 79
Turnout: 38.95%

Hadlow Down and Rotherfield (1 seat) total number of votes cast 976
Philip Dixon, Conservative 581 – ELECTED
Felicity Thompson, Green 363
Turnout: 30.06 per cent

Maresfield (1 seat), total number of votes cast 1106
Peter Roundell, Conservative 668 – ELECTED
Ian Tysh, Green 333
George Wilson, Labour 76
Turnout: 37.28%

Uckfield Town Council and nearby parish councils

Uckfield Town Council

Uckfield East (3 seats), ballot papers 949
Paul Sparks, Liberal Democrats 568 – ELECTED
Donna French, Trust Independent 498 – ELECTED
Chris Macve, Trust Independent 428 – ELECTED
Tim Murray, Liberal Democrats 394
Lisa Smith, Labour 209
Turnout: 35.23%

Uckfield New Town (4 seats), ballot papers 1043
Ben Cox, Labour and Co-operative 489 – ELECTED
Duncan Bennett, Trust Independent 410 – ELECTED
Spike Mayhew, Trust Independent 398 – ELECTED
Helen Firth, Conservative 364 – ELECTED
Michael Abbott, Conservative 284
Turnout: 37.50%

Uckfield West (2 seats), total ballot papers 867
Diane Ward, Independent 482 – ELECTED
Gary Johnson, Conservatives 414 – ELECTED
Tricia Dann, Conservatives 374
Turnout: 42.08%

Candidates nominated in the following two wards will automatically become town councillors because there are more seats than the number of people standing.

Uckfield North (3 seats)
Jackie Love, Trust Independent
Angie Smith, Labour

Uckfield Ridgewood (3 seats)
Jez Beesley, Trust Independent
James Edwards, Liberal Democrats

Results of contested seats awaited.

Parish council results from nearby villages

Buxted Parish Council: Buxted Ward (9 seats)
There were only nine candidates so the following were returned unopposed:
Vivienne Blandford, Nick Bolton, Peter Coxon, Martin Hoggan, Toby Illingworth, Fiona McQuarrie, Kevin Moss, John Rose, David Wells.
Coopers Green Ward (1 seat): Christopher Humphrey, returned unopposed
High Hurstwood Ward (5 seats): Morna Cox, Adrian Marshall, James Roberts. All three were returned unopposed.

Danehill Parish Council (9 seats): Tony Blake, Martin Lewer, Rhodri Lewis, Tony Martin, Neil McPherson, Matt Mockridge, George Powell, Robin Wood. All returned unopposed.

East Hoathly with Halland (9 seats): Quinta Maria Dean, Susan Cole, Chris Magnus, Tony Pope, Jonathan Ritchie, David Vaughan. All returned unopposed

Fletching Parish Council (9 seats) 323 ballot papers
Christopher Rothery 200
Kate Minch 189
Elizabeth Collum 187
Andrew Shaw 184
Damian Greenish 167
Richard Hannay 141
Dan Kerwood 135
Ross Borton 128
Samantha Sainsbury 119
Not elected
Wayne Emerson 71
Wes Constantinou 67
Tristan Elbrick 52
Turnout: 39%

Framfield Parish Council (11 seats): Keith Brandon, Danny Gallagher, Tony Hall, Maria Naylor, Samantha Sharples. All returned unopposed.

Hadlow Down (7 seats), total ballot papers 251
Sandra Richards 190
Rachel Lewis 181
Julian Michaelson-Yeates 166
Michael Lunn 141
Ben Floyd 127
Pete Weston 124
Sally Blyfield 89
Damon Wellman 77 – NOT ELECTED
Turnout: 39.68%

Isfield (7 seats): Alan Keys, Ron Levett, Tracy Mitchell-Cobb, Geoffrey Sambrook, Keith Taylor. All returned unopposed.

Maresfield Parish Council: Maresfield Ward (5 seats). Ken Ogden, Guido Pellizzaro, Laura Stevens-Smith, Alan Strevens, Rob Taylor. All returns unopposed.
Fairwarp Ward (3 seats): Penelope Handley and Lolita Reeves. Both returned unopposed
Nutley Ward (6 seats): Martin Craddock, Trevor Lewin, David Watson, Leslie Wilcox. All returned unopposed.

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