Eating ‘crunchy critters’ boosts fund-raising at Manor Primary School

Customers who ate Crunchy Critters won points and boosted fund-raising at an enterprise day at Manor Primary School, Uckfield, yesterday.

The Crunchy Critters challenge was dreamed up by Year 5 pupils as a key part of a business they launched especially for the event.

They used knowledge of survival skills gained at a bush craft day and included other games such as Crazy Camouflage face-painting and Sparkies where sparks created using flint and steel were counted.

There was also a Casualty challenge where pupils, including Lucy Maher pictured below, pretended to have fallen from a tree and sported ‘bloody’ bandages.

Points were awarded for First Aid knowledge demonstrated by people offering to help her.


Lucy Maher plays the part of a casualty while Maia Blake assesses her injuries and Jack Burnett tots up the points Maia wins.

For the Crunchy Critters challenge points were awarded for touching a bug (one point), licking or putting a bug to your mouth (two points), eating a small bug (three points), eating medium bug (four points) or eating a big one (five points).

The bugs included freeze dried meal worms and locusts and the Year 5 pupils weren’t asking anybody to do anything they wouldn’t do themselves, as demonstrated below by Aidan Hammond, aged ten, who is pictured ready to try a locust.


Aidan Hammond demonstrates the Crunchy Critters challenge.

Elsewhere on the playground other classes showed off their business ideas. For example Year 1 set up a Yummies café and Year 2 sold pencil toppers, herbs and vintage upcycled picture frames.

Year 3 looked to be doing a roaring trade at their home-made ice-cream stall and members of the Forest Schools Club, who go on regular woodland walks sold necklaces and dream catchers made from materials foraged as they went.

This was the third enterprise week held at Manor Primary School. It started last Thursday and each year group was given £50 to invest in a business idea, make it a reality and then raise as much money as possible.

Fifty per cent of the money raised will go towards the children’s chosen charity Kabubbu, a village in Uganda where the school has sponsored a child for the last four years.

The other fifty per cent will be spent at the school but the children have yet to decide how. Money raised during previous enterprise weeks has helped buy playground equipment.

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