East Sussex’s position is ‘not similar to Northamptonshire’

East Sussex County Council’s finances are in a much better shape than those in crisis-hit Northamptonshire.

The assurance came from Cllr Chris Dowling, who represents the Ridgewood area at county hall.

He addressed Uckfield Town Council and said there had been reports in August about East Sussex’s financial position in the context of what was happening to Northamptonshire County Council which is effectively bankrupt.[external link]

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“It is my understanding that East Sussex County Council is not in the same position as Northamptonshire is in,” he said.

“I think we are all aware of the pressure local government is under, including East Sussex.”

East Sussex CC to make a ‘core offer’

He said the county council was in the process of defining a “core offer” in terms of services that are provided. More details will be available the autumn.

The core offer, which will be an offer to provide statutory services and meet local needs, he said, would be looked at as part of the budget process.

“Northamptonshire ignored the signs and didn’t respond to the situation put in front of them. East Sussex did.

“East Sussex has had a plan over the years, Northamptonshire didn’t.

“We are in a very different position in East Sussex, I am pleased to say,” Cllr Dowling told the meeting.

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