A pothole repair in Oaklea Way, Uckfield. "It looks as if it has been filled with Play Doh," says a resident.

Council to monitor condition of Oaklea Way during building work

East Sussex County Council is arranging for regular checks to be conducted in Oaklea Way, Uckfield, because of complaints about damage being caused by vehicles heading to and from a construction site.

A letter sent to a resident on behalf of Rupert Clubb, director of communities, economy and transport said the latest inspection showed there was not any ‘significant damage’.

It said: “There are a few kerbs that will require repair but it is only minor and not hazardous so it seems sensible to leave any works until larger construction vehicles have stopped accessing the site in case further damage is caused.

“This has been discussed and agreed with the contractor so they are aware work is required.

Regular basis

“I have asked one of my team to visit Oaklea Way on a regular basis to check for damage and will arrange for the developer to carry out repairs that are needed.”

One resident complained in an email to contractors Thakeham, East Sussex County Council, East Sussex county councillor Claire Dowling, and Wealden Council that heavy vehicles were still manoeuvring in the road before an agreed start time on the Grants Hill House site of 8am.

The resident said she was working at home and finding it difficult due to irritating low frequency noise caused by some of the building. “That doesn’t even start to cover the beeps of the trucks using the close as a turning circle.”

The resident added: “At least someone has ‘fixed’ the worst pothole – if it’s East Sussex, I suggest you speak to your contractors, as it appears to have had some sort of Play Doh dumped in it.”


Another view of the pothole that “looks as if it has been filled with Play Doh”.

The latest complaints followed issues raised in December about damage to kerbs and road at Oaklea Way. https://uckfieldnews.com/oaklea-way-road-damage-should-be-repaired-within-a-week/

Cllr Claire Dowling responded to the latest email saying she had asked that all residents were kept fully informed of the buildings works as they progressed through the various stages.

She said Thakeham had agreed to do this by way of a regular letter/newsletter and would also investigate a static information board to keep residents updated.

Andy Vincent head of housing and property services at Wealden said Thakeham had assured the council they would do all they could to minimise future disruption.

He said: “Several lessons have been learned, and strategies have been put in place to try to lessen any inconvenience caused to local residents wherever possible.”

He added Thakeham carried out a detailed condition of Oaklea Way before they began work on site and any damage to the road caused by the redevelopment works would be carried out once the development was complete.


A damaged kerb in Oaklea Way.

Mr Vincent’s letter continued: “We spoke to Thakeham about their use of the cul-de-sac to allow them to turn their lorries around. Unfortunately the only other option available to them is to either reverse right up or right down Oaklea Way which would result in much more bleeping coming from the lorries’ reversing alarm.

“We acknowledge that there is also bleeping coming from the crane which is on site.

“The crane alarm is to alert people working on the site that a load is being lifted. Both the crane alert and the lorries reversing alarms are legal requirements, and essential from a health and safety perspective.”

Mr Vincent said he would investigate concerns about work starting before 8am and remind Thakeham of permitted working times. “Thakeham have previously informed me that all of their orders to subcontractors and suppliers state that they cannot start on site until 8am, and are trying to manage the situation as best they can.”

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