Downsview Crescent verges may be reinstated

Measures to prevent vehicles parking on grass verges in Downsview Crescent are still under consideration by the town council.

Residents, councillors and others have expressed concerns about the parking, which leaves an unsightly mess.

Members of Uckfield Town Council’s environment and leisure committee were told in a report when they met on Monday (October 16):

Drop off/picking up

“Concern has been expressed regarding vehicles parking on grass verges in Downsview Crescent.

“The problem is caused by vehicles dropping off/picking up children from the nearby schools and nursery.

“Vehicles are also blocking driveways and in one instance a vehicle was parked in a resident’s drive.

“Tarmac to replace the grass verges has been dismissed and ESCC (East Sussex County Council) are looking to reinstate the grass verges and install posts.”


The report came after a meeting between the county council and town council under an initiative entitled Strengthening Local Relationships.

“Concern was expressed that the installation of posts would only displace the problem elsewhere.

“No timescale has been given for the works.

“This item is ongoing but [we] have been advised that bollards will not be installed,” the report said.

downsview-crescent-kerb-2 downsview-crescent-kerb-3

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