Dog fouling: education AND enforcement needed, says Observer

Our independent Saturday columnist turns the spotlight on dog fouling and wishes a long-serving GP a fond farewell.


A renewed bid to get all dog owners to do the right thing and clean up after their pets is to be made by Uckfield Town Council.

The general view, which I accept, is that most clear up but there is a significant minority who don’t care a jot.

Just take a walk across any public open space and you will find dog mess all around.

Yellow flags

The yellow flags idea is well worth a try – it might shame a few but not all, as councillors accepted.

I do, however, go along with the thoughts of Cllr Diane Ward who asked about enforcement.

Well, under this scheme, there is none but a few fines would certainly send a message.

Dog owners and their animals are creatures of habit, can’t a watch be kept for persistent fouler and fines issues?

Crackdown needed on persistent offenders

Education rather than enforcement seem to be the way of things in Uckfield. That’s how the local councils are trying to ‘police’ the High Street parking restrictions.

It works for most and not for all.

Wealden and the railway car parks are controlled by the use of cameras. That stops any nonsense…can’t we have the same when it comes to dog fouling?

Dr Clarissa Fabre’s retirement

Good wishes to Buxted GP Clarissa Fabre who retired yesterday.

She has been very much a leading light in health care in these parts and further afield.

Her ethos of a “lovely, personal practice where patients are well treated by staff and receptionists” should be a template for the whole of the NHS.

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