Dog fouling by-laws treated with contempt in Uckfield

Comment by Observer

Wealden District Council’s by-laws on dog fouling appear to be treated with utter contempt by a handful of

They are giving all dog owners a bad name as pavements, parks and open spaces are despoiled by faeces.

The incident reported on this week of dog mess being left on an elderly lady’s doorstep shows how tensions can boil over.

What happened on the Harlands Estate was completely wrong, illegal; notwithstanding the fact that the victim is completely innocent.

The overwhelming number of dog owners “do it right” and even clear away mess not left by their own pet.

It is that small minority who brazenly flout the rules who are pests.

Perhaps now is the time to “dob in” anyone you see failing to clear up mess left by their dog.

Time, place, description of the dog and owner would certainly help Wealden’s street scene officers get on the case.

Dog walkers tend to be creatures of habit, if you will excuse the pun, so a council official might have a good chance of catching the offender another day.

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