Dog faeces smeared on 84-year-old Uckfield woman’s doorstep

Dog faeces was smeared on the doorstep of an 84-year-old woman in Uckfield earlier this week and followed by an anonymous letter where the writer said they hoped she had trodden in the mess.

The woman’s daughter Karen Bedwell, who lives on the Harlands Estate, like her mother, said she had heard of similar attack on another elderly lady in the same area.Dog sign Victoria

Karen has reported the matter to the police and said: “If either had trodden and slipped in the huge amount that was left on the step they could have been seriously hurt. It is disgusting and cowardly and I want to shame these people into not doing it again.”

She asked for a story to be carried on Uckfield News to bring the matter to people’s attention. “Others may also come forward who have had this done to them and it may help to find they are not on their own. Someone knows who is doing this.”

Karen said her mother had arrived home on Sunday to find the mess. Fortunately Karen’s husband Ian spotted it first or her mother could have slipped in it and been injured badly as the step is quite steep.

In the anonymous letter which was put through her mother’s door yesterday Karen said the writer had admitted responsibility and accused her mother of not picking up her dog mess from the pavement and saying that they will report her to the authorities if she does it again.

Karen said on her Facebook status last night: “Any of you who know my mum will know she is old school and she would never leave dog mess either on the road or the pavement.”

Karen added that back in September her mother’s dog was savagely attacked by another dog and she hadn’t been out much since because she was scared to do so. Karen had been walking Ted daily ever since “and yes I also collect all my dog’s faeces”.

Her mother now only pottered around an inner block at most once a day.

Karen said there was a problem of people not picking up dog faeces on the estate and she found herself cleaning up after others all the time, but the actions of the anonymous letter writer were not the way to deal with it.

“Also the council have removed some of the bins on the estate and there are no specific dog poo collection bins despite many of us, including me, asking the council for them.”

Karen said she brought her mum to Uckfield to look after her as her health deteriorates because she thought the town was a nice place to live.

“How wrong I was. People who hid behind anonymous threatening letters to elderly ladies are scum and I am saddened that the community I was proud to live amongst has amongst it, people who had made her afraid in her own home.”

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