Samantha Le-Lievre who is looking for land where she can set up a dog day care and exercise area.

Dog day care plan withdrawn after landowners ‘harassed’

Plans to use a Buxted field as a dog day care and exercise area have been withdrawn because some of the people living nearby have been “absolutely vile” about it.

Samantha Le-Lievre, who lives in Uckfield, said she submitted the planning application after being offered the field on Mascalls Farm but the owners had been badgered and harassed about it.

Samantha said a letter was also sent to the council personally slating her by somebody she didn’t know and who had no idea what she was doing.


She said she had withdrawn the planning application at the request of the landowners because it wasn’t fair on them to go through the “aggro”.

One woman had written to the owners saying she didn’t know why they had moved to the area if they were prepared to destroy the countryside.

Samantha, of Paws and Leads, said: “I can’t believe adults are behaving like this. It’s like being in a school playground.”


But she said she would look for another piece of land where she could set up something that would be like a nursery for children but instead for dogs, a place where they could have company while their owners were out at work, instead of being left home alone.

Samantha said she already looked after dogs at her Manor Close home in Uckfield and had never had a complaint about dogs barking.

She said they didn’t bark constantly when being entertained and if there had been a problem at the field with a dog which wouldn’t calm down after being taken aside she would have let the owners know that she couldn’t look after it.


Samantha added: “I would collect the dogs in the morning and take them back to their owners at the end of the day.

“I start the day by taking the dogs for a long walk and they sleep for a long time after that.

“There would be staff to play with them, lots of toys, portable swimming pools and agility equipment. It would be like a dogs’ playground and they would have a good time.

“There is nothing like this around here and so I will look for somewhere else. If anybody has got any ideas I would be pleased to hear from them.”

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