Dog by-laws to be reviewed following complaints in Uckfield

Uckfield Town Council is reviewing dog by-laws because of an increasing number of complaints about dogs being off leads, the fouling of pitches, long grass and children’s playgrounds.

A report to the council’s environment and leisure committee which meets on Monday says there are also increasing incidents of ‘full’ bags being thrown in bushes and trees.

The report says it is known that other publicly accessible areas not owned by the town council also suffer from identical issues but the town council can only make orders on land it owns.

Councillors are being recommended to determine areas where those in charge of dogs are required to pick up after the dogs; determine areas where dogs are to be excluded; where they should be allowed to exercise without undue restriction and where they should be kept on leads.

They are also asked to publicise their proposals giving residents no less than 28 days, from publication of a public notice, to submit written representations before determining Dog Order Controls.

Areas where dogs should be allowed to exercise without undue restriction are suggested as:


  • West Park and Hempstead Meadows Local Nature Reserves which have their own by-laws where dogs are allowed as long as they are kept under proper control and prevented from worrying or disturbing any animal or bird.
  • Hempstead Lane Recreation Ground
  • Hempstead Fields 
  • Boothland Wood 
  • New Barn Recreation Ground 
  • Land at Harlands Farm Pond and adjacent woodland 
  • Bellbrook Open Space 
  • Bridge Farm Road Woodland 
  • Land at Hunters Way 
  • Nightingale Wood


Areas where dogs should be kept on a lead:

These would be the remaining areas. The majority are sports pitches, allotments and small areas where it is felt impractical to let dogs run. Luxfords Field is also suggested. A full list would be provided in draft orders.

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