Disgusting amount of litter on the Uckfield bypass

When Owen Hoy thinks something is wrong he says so … and he’s known on Fernley Park estate, Uckfield, as a relentless campaigner for improvement.

Here are his latest views on the state of Uckfield. You can share your own thoughts via the Uckfield News website too. Send them to cathy@uckfieldnews.com.

I completely agree with Observer

First in relation to the views of the “Observer”. I completely and utterly agree with all that he says with regards to increased council taxes and reduced services.

Every organisation is demanding more money this year and whilst each may be a small amount, added together it is a significant increase which frankly is unacceptable.

When you approach any of the councils with a problem, none of them ever want to help and usually end up blaming each other.

A prime example again this year just a couple of months into the Winter period is the disgusting and appalling amount of litter on the side of the road on the Uckfield bypass from Budletts roundabout all the way to the Polegate roundabout and beyond.

What are Wealden and ESCC doing about this? Simple – allowing Kier to get away with it once more.

• Mr Hoy has written to Wealden Council about the roadside litter and been told that much of this work should be completed within the next few weeks. He responded by saying it was good to see that a litter picking exercise was commencing shortly.

He added: “However, after last year’s long delays in dealing with this issue, I will myself be monitoring this situation whilst I am out and about to ensure that Wealden District Council are good to their word this time around.”

So where can the third entrance to Bellbrook Estate go?

Next, thank you to Chris Lawson for your support. I’ll allow you your view about a third entrance to Bellbrook but as you say, where can it be located?

My views on electric cars are far from outdated

Finally, and in relation to the comments made by Simon Eden (included the the same readers’ letter feature as Chris Lawson’s mentioned above) about renewable energy. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

My views about the range of electric cars now available is far from outdated as upon taking early retirement from the Civil Service in 2006 after a 32 year career, I have worked within the motor industry ever since for manufacturers like VW, BMW, Mercedes, Saab, Seat, Scoda, Mazda, and Renault to name but a few so I am fully aware of what is available and how they work.

Currently electric vehicles still remain an expensive option having to add rental/leasing costs of the batteries to the overall cost of the vehicles and these usually require changing after two/three years.

As for solar powered houses and the suggestion of fracking on the South Downs. The latter will never ever be allowed as the majority of the South Downs are owned and protected by the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA).

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