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Remember Mindfulness

About Remember Mindfulness

Mastering the practice of mindfulness changes lives.

In courses run by Debbie Horney you will learn that in this busy world it is natural to have a constant chattering going on in your head but it is possible to slow down and listen to the wisdom behind the noise.

Sessions run over eight weeks will give you the space to just ‘be’. You will be out of a rushing environment, doing meditation, having time to be with yourself.

Skills learned will help you to look at your life and find ways of being more kind to yourself.

The whole essence of mindfulness is move away from making reactive decisions to what life throws at you and instead make considered responses.


Focussing on breathing

You will learn that focussing on breathing can reduce much anxiety and stress and give you a solid base for progress, using what is already within you.

Debbie says mindfulness is not counselling, not therapy. It is all about being in the present moment.

Debbie’s own story shows what can be achieved.

She first went, skeptically, onto a mindfulness course in the hope of finding ways to deal with chronic foot pain.

She had a serious riding accident when she was 17, and lived in constant pain until she was 30 when she had an operation to fuse bones. That helped but pain remained.


Debbie was determined to carry on as normal, making no concessions to the pain, she continued with endurance horse riding, and took her children on skiing holidays.

But the only way she could do that was to keep increasing the dose of painkillers she was on.

A light bulb moment came during a mindfulness course, why did she continue to drive herself on, causing herself this additional pain?

The solution seemed simple, stop doing the driven things that increased the pain – and it has worked. Now she rides only for pleasure and being kinder to herself means she is not taking painkillers as often.

It didn’t all happen at once. Even after realising she could be kinder to herself she took a job in London. Her children had grown up and married and this seemed like a good time to concentrate on her career.

Wrong decision

But it was the wrong decision. The trips to and from London each day caused more problems with her foot. It was only at another mindfulness session that the penny dropped. She needed to listen to her body.

Debbie was already hooked on mindfulness practice, had undertaken training to teach it herself, and started running her own courses.

Now she would give up her London job and organise more classes in different areas, doing something she really loved, and which could help many others.

Debbie now runs Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction classes over eight weeks in Uckfield, Blackboys, Ringmer, Lewes, Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks and Portslade.

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme was initially developed to help people who suffer chronic pain/illness but it is now successfully used for anyone suffering stress, anxiety, depression, addictive behaviours, IBS, insomnia and much more.

Quality of life

In fact, research today suggests it benefits anyone who would like to improve their quality of life even if they are not suffering in any specific way.  Is a course that is suitable for anyone and everyone.

She also runs an eight-week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy programme, helpful for patients suffering depression; a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Pain programme which targets not just pain reduction but also improves function, mood, quality of life and an overall sense of well-being.

In addition, for those taking part in her eight-week mindfulness courses she runs Mindfulness Day Retreats.

And she holds Mindfulness Graduate Sessions for people who have already been on a teacher-led eight week course.

Details of courses

Find details of Debbie’s courses here on her website: Courses, Graduate Sessions and Day Retreats: Prices and Booking.

You can book a free taster session too before committing to an eight-week mindfulness course. See here when taster sessions are being held: Book a free taster session 

See what others say about Debbie’s mindfulness courses here: Testimonials.

To learn more please contact Debbie, at Remember Mindfulness, by emailing, or cal her on 07904 982579.

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