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Osteopathy for All

Contact Details

9 The Village Works
London Road
East Hoathly
East Sussex
T. 01825 840582

Map shows Osteopathy for All in East Hoathly

About Osteopathy for All

Osteopathy for All is a clinic in East Hoathly where practitioners treat everyday aches and pains and are skilled at tackling chronic pain too.

Treatment is offered for the whole family, children, and adults of all ages.

Three registered osteopaths are based at the clinic in London Road. They are principal and owner Pippa Cossens, Paul Harrington, and Louise Field. Working with them is practice manager Sian Willett.

The three osteopaths at Osteopathy for All are, from the left, Pippa Cossens, Paul Harrington, and Louise Field.

All three osteopaths are interested in the overall health and well-being of their patients, offering advice for recovery as well as targeted treatment. Pippa and Louise are both registered with the Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners’ Association.

The practice website is packed with information which can be used to improve your well-being. There are tips in blogs about lifestyle and toolkits which can be used to improve fitness, reduce stress and support your immune system.

Pippa’s interest in chronic pain is personal. She suffered with fibromyalgia  – a long term condition that causes pain all over the body – for many years before learning to combat the symptoms using mindfulness, meditation, movement and diet, in addition to help from an osteopath.

Holistic approach

She is now committed to an holistic approach to treatment, embracing the latest thinking which accepts that while short term pain may be as a result of a pulled muscle, long term persistent, or chronic, pain is more likely to be caused by functional changes in the nervous system.

She says these changes can occur for many reasons relating to previous trauma, emotional, cognitive, or lifestyle factors.

And so during an initial assessment time is taken to look back, with a patient, to when chronic pain began and to identify which aspects of the current situation or past history are relevant to the present symptom picture.

The physical effects are treated and an awareness of history enables other recommendations to be made to aid recovery.

More information about services available can be found by following the links below:

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Osteopathy for children

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Chronic pain relief and rehabilitation 

• To learn more please call Osteopathy for All on 01825 840582, or email

Some of the things that can contribute to chronic pain. Osteopaths at Osteopathy for All treat the physical symptoms and make recommendations to aid recovery.

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