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Bellamy Consultancy and Coaching

Contact Details

Rear Office, River House
Bellfarm Lane
East Sussex
TN22 1AE
T. 01825 714554

Map shows Bellamy Consultancy and Coaching in Uckfield

About Bellamy Consultancy and Coaching

Bellamy Consultancy and Coaching helps you improve clarity, acquire focus and develop strategy for your business.

If you want to ramp up your business performance from good to great, coaches Gavin Bellamy and Marian Hackett will help you get there.

Both have a track record of getting great results with clients.

They can work with you to set goals and unlock the potential in your business, identify tweaks to make it more profitable, get your teams working as effectively as possible, and allow you to spend less time working in the guts of the business.


Marian Hackett and Gavin Bellamy of Bellamy Consultancy and Coaching.

Bellamy Consultancy and Coaching clients have experienced success ranging from winning awards, and being finalists in international business forums, to expanding their workforces and buying out rival businesses.

Others have installed systems to enable growth and make more money in the business.

Often the biggest success is finding the energy, belief and passion again to grow the business while making more time to enjoy life.

Profound effect

Gavin says coaching can have a profound effect on an organisation, but isn’t for everyone.

He adds: “You won’t know whether it is for your or not without trying it – so book your complimentary coaching session here and let’s get to talk about your  business.”

Bellamy Consultancy and Coaching, part of the Action Coach organisation, delivers business planning workshops, 1-2-1 and group coaching to leaders, work tams and leadership teams and offers support in a range of areas including:

  • Business growth
  • Team alignment
  • Personality profiling
  • Team communication
  • Time management
  • Understanding the nature of stress
  • Stress management techniques
  • Understanding the link between home, personal and work circumstances
  • Being proactive in managing wellbeing.


Read how Bellamy Consultancy and Coaching clients have been helped in developing their businesses:

Julie, from Punktured, Brighton, says: “As a result of coaching, I have learned to focus on specific problems in bite-size bits rather than being overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once.  I have been able to prioritise, and most importantly I also now test, measure and record everything: footfall (adjusted my opening times accordingly), the source of clients, marketing (cancelled a lot of unnecessary expensive adverts). New website and app. Put targets in place for staff and we are regularly smashing them.”

Zofia from Expert in Mind says: “Gavin is an excellent coach. He always has a positive attitude and encourages learning at all times. We are all looking forward to the future and I feel very much more equipped to run a business, to grow and to work with my team to get the best from them.  Our figures prove that it is indeed working! Running the business is a roller coaster of excitement, stress, self doubt, hard work and determination and Gavin ensures he gets the best from me, and that I get the best from myself, working with me as an individual and not just as a client.”

Christina from Pace Sports Therapy, Uckfield, says: “Gavin, well I couldn’t have done this without him. It was Gavin that got me to see that I could go further than I ever thought I would or could. He has this wonderful way of just nudging you in the right direction if you aren’t quite on the right track and some slightly bigger hints when necessary. The best thing about Gavin is not only is he skilled in making you move your business forward, it’s actually having his support and belief in you.”

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