Details of housing density and A22 lay-by closures for 1000 homes site

A range of housing density is proposed for the site of a 1,000 homes to the south and west of Uckfield on Ridgewood Farm.

Generally the highest density will to the north of the main site, nearest the town centre where there would be 30 to 50 homes per hectare.

Low density areas would have 15 to 35 homes per hectare and the mid-range would be 20 to 40 with an average across the site of 26 homes per hectare.

A statement supporting the outline planning application states: “The range of densities proposed will allow for a mix of housing types to be accommodated within the development. The varied residential density will contribute to the creation of a sustainable and mixed and balanced community.”

The application does not seek at this stage for determination on the specific mix of housing.

An illustrative table shows:

65 – one bedroom

130 – two bedroom

365 – three bedroom

350 – four bedroom

90 – five bedroom

The report also notes the level of affordable housing is “dictated by the development economics of the site which must take account of exceptional costs arising by bringing forward the development (i.e SANGS, infrastructure costs)”.

However, the mix and percentage of affordable housing will have “full regard” to planning policies.

A22 lay-bys to be closed

The plan envisages the closure of lay-bys on the A22 and the establishment of a picnic area on the main development site.

The report states: “A dedicated rest area providing 24-hour parking and a picnic area will be provided within the main site to compensate for the loss of the existing lay-bys on the A22 as these will be removed to facilitate new vehicular access.

“The rest area will be accommodated within the mixed use area located in close proximity to the A22.

“Survey work has been undertaken to establish usage of the existing lay-bys to be removed as part of the proposed new roundabout on the A22.

“Based upon this survey work, the future reserved matters application for the proposed rest area will need to accommodate 13 parking spaces, comprising ten standard car parking spaces and three LGV spaces.”

The rest area forms part of general car parking to serve the mixed use area but sub-division is proposed to clearly delineate rest area spaces, which are available 24 hours, from general spaces. The rest area parking should also provide access to an outside picnic area.

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