The Dark Destroyer Shaun Wallace is pictured with Edward Peasgood and Maia Blake from Manor Primary School who were given the chance to interview him following an assembly at the school.

Dark Destroyer tests Uckfield children in inter-schools quiz

Quiz celebrity Shaun Wallace better known as the Dark Destroyer, a chaser in the hit TV series The Chase, came to Manor Primary School in Uckfield today.

He was there as quizmaster for an inter-school competition but before he settled to that task with teams from Manor, Rocks Park, Harlands, St Philip’s and Holy Cross schools he spoke at an assembly for Key Stage 2 Manor pupils.


The Dark Destroyer, chaser in the ITV series The Chase, also Mastermind winner of 2004 and a barrister by profession Shaun Wallace is pictured with Manor Primary School children, Uckfield. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

One of the first things he told his audience was that there was a better quizzer in the room than him – deputy headteacher Peter Ediss.

The two play together in a London quiz team and it was Mr Ediss who invited the Dark Destroyer into the school to host the competition.

Shaun told the children that even on the way to the school the two were testing each other with quiz questions and it was Mr Ediss who knew the most answers.

The Old Bailey

Shaun was dressed for his professional role, as a barrister, complete with wig, and he said that straight after the quiz he would be heading to The Old Bailey in London where he would be defending a client.

He had wanted to be a barrister from the age of 11 but one of his biggest problems was convincing teachers that he would be capable of doing that because he wasn’t paying a lot of attention at school at the time.

By the age of 16 he had changed his ways and had the full support of staff who helped him on his way.

He stressed how important it was for the children to make the most of learning while at school. “It will give you a spring board to do anything you want in life.”

Dreams and ambitions

He encouraged them to have dreams and ambitions and added: “The most important thing is for you to be focussed and dedicated and education will help you in terms of trying to realise your ambitions.”

Shaun showed a clip of him winning Mastermind in 2004 and a cheer went up as he was seen clinching the title on screen.

Then he showed a nail-biting moment in a clip from The Chase when three contestants were playing to win £26,000 while Shaun, the Dark Destroyer, was striving to answer more questions correctly than them.

Manor children punched the air in delight as the Dark Destroyer won the day. The three challengers could only look on quietly as the £26,000 they hoped to win slipped away from them.

Quiz teams from Uckfield schools

Here are the quiz teams from Uckfield schools whose knowledge was tested by celebrity quizmaster Shaun Wallace, the Dark Destroyer from ITV’s hit series The Chase. The winners were Manor Year 6. Click on one of the pictures to enlarge and scroll through them all.

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