Dance teacher Lindsay launches body confidence blog and workshops

Dance teacher Lindsay Willis-Wood is promoting body confidence in women through blogging and organising workshops for mothers and daughters.

Lindsay, of Universal Dance, said she always used to be fairly body confident but was then affected by things going on in her life.

Bad choices

Lindsay told Uckfield News:

“When I sat down and really thought about why I felt this way, I started to notice others feeling the same and using social media as an outlet. I also realised that I had made some really bad choices when it came to the types of social media, and reading, I was doing too.

“Working in the performing arts industry I am also very tuned in to the types of issues that young people (especially girls) have about their bodies and appearance these days. However I was shocked after doing some local research as to just how young some of these children are – how can a nine-year-old think they are fat?!

Positive vibes

“So the journey began. I did more research, I read more body confidence materials and re-shaped my social media platforms to include ‘positive vibes’ only.

“I ran a Body Confidence Workshop at the beginning of October that was very well received by its attendees but I wanted to do more.

“So I created the slightly unconventional Instagram account ‘fcukperfection’ and started to … blog I guess!

Reach out

“I wanted to get my own thoughts and opinions off my chest but knowing full well that I wouldn’t be alone in them, I wanted to reach out to others.

“I knew I had after I posted a photo of myself with my husband Pete on holiday…in swimwear. The post received over 200 likes (still going!) and over 50 comments, all from women, all positive.


Lindsay Willis-Wood with her husband Pete. Until recently she had never posted a full length picture of herself clothed, let alone in swimwear, but now she has re-evaluated her life, stopped criticising herself and is on a mission to help others be body confident.

“I thought that if this one act of courage could reach out into the local community then it might just be the small step needed to start of someone else’s journey into starting to love themselves more.”

Accept yourself

Lindsay says: “Being body confident and positive means accepting yourself for who you are today, every day, and each time you look in the mirror.

“Only then can you start to make healthy, positive changes to your life.”

Her message to all is: “Find what makes you happy. Have courage and be you.”

Next on Lindsay’s agenda is to hold a mother and daughter body confidence workshop, at the Cinque Ports Club, Uckfield, on the new date of Wednesday, November 27, from 7-8.30pm.


To learn more, and book your place, Lindsay can be contacted on 07885 528356 or by email at

• Contact details for Universal Dance can be found 24/7 in our Uckfield Directory. Look for the name or search in categories for Children’s Activities, or Dance.

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