County council election results

The Conservatives have taken control of East Sussex County Council having won 30 of the 50 seats available.

Previously, when 49 seats were available, they had 21 seats, while other parties had 28 councillors between them.

UKIP have lost all their seats on the council. Previously they had six.

The Liberal Democrats have 11 seats (previously ten); Labour have four (previously seven), Independent have three (previously three), Councillors with no description, two (previously there were two Independent Democrats but no-one stood with the label this time).

Husband and wife councillors, Chris and Claire Dowling, both Conservatives, covering neighbouring wards in Uckfield – Uckfield South with Framfield and Uckfield North respectively, were re-elected.

Cllr Roy Galley, Conservative, was re-elected in the Maresfield and Buxted ward.

More detailed results for the Uckfield area include:

Maresfield & Buxted:

Eligible voters, 8,875. Turnout 3,422 (39%)

Elected: Roy Galley, Conservative, 2,381. Others, James Lionel Edwards, Lib Dem, 453; Ian Michael Tysh, Green, 310; Gareth Timothy Looker, Labour, 278.

Uckfield North:

Eligible voters, 7,147. Turnout 2,535 (35%)

Elected: Claire Barbara Dowling, Conservative: 1,350 votes. Other candidates: Paul John Sparks, Lib Dem, 815; Robert James Williams, Labour, 268; Melissa Anna Tysh, Green, 102.

Uckfield South with Framfield:

Eligible voters, 7,065. Turnout, 2,630 (37%).

Elected: Chris Dowling, Conservative, 1,588 votes. Other candidates were Paul Meakin, Lib Dem, 552 votes; William Benjamin Ball, Labour 314; Pamela Joy Sarah Tysh, Green, 176.

Arlington, East Hoathly & Hellingly:

Eligible voters, 7,593. Turnout, 2,882 (38%)

Elected: Nicholas John Bennett, Conservative, 1,706. Chris Bowers, Lib Dem, 568; Kay Gillian Syrad, Green, 217; Anthony James Fielding, Labour, 199; Chris Magness, UKIP, 192.


Eligible voters, 7,993. Turnout 3,252 (41%)

Elected: Jim Sheppard, Conservative, 1,957 votes. Other candidates, Peter Frederick Gardiner, Lib Dem, 784; Nicholas George Belcher, Labour, 311; Holly Atkins, Green, 200.

Crowborough North & Jarvis Brook:

Eligible voters, 8,705. Turnout 2,802 (32%)

Elected: Richard Stogdon, Conservative, 1,846 votes. Other candidates, Karen Jane Shaw, Lib Dem, 439; Sara Rose Newman, Labour, 292; Colin Geoffrey, Green, 225.

Crowborough South & St Johns:

Eligible voters, 7,825. Turnout, 2,572 (33%)

Elected: Sylvia Mary Tidy, Conservative, 1,774 votes. Other candidates were Adrian James Morris, Lib Dem, 441; Brendan Clegg, Labour, 198; Gabrielle Alice Symonds, Green, 159.

Heathfield & Mayfield:

Eligible voters, 8,697. Turnout 3,140 (36%)

Elected: Rupert Alexander James Simmons, Conservative, 2,217. Others, Fraser Kerr, Lib Dem, 374; David Warden Newman, Labour, 347; Clare Evelyn Joan Whistler, Green, 202.

Ringmer & Lewes Bridge:

Eligible voters: 8,556. Turnout, 4,526 (53%)

Elected: Philip John Daniel, Lib Dem, 1,492; Johnny Denis, Green, 1,385; Paul Gander, Conservative, 1,116; Belinda Chapman, Labour, 412; Tony Best, UKIP, 121.

Wealden North:

Eligible voters, 7,677. Turnout 2,824 (37%)

Elected: Bob Standley, Conservative,1926 votes. Other candidates were Beverley Ann Johnstone, Lib Dem, 407 votes; Beth Suzanne Martin, Green, 285; Christopher Michael William Morris, Labour, 206 votes.

Uckfield News story on Thursday, May 4: Voting takes place today (May 4) in the East Sussex County Council elections.

There are new electoral divisions since the last poll, following a re-drawing of boundaries.

Candidates in the Uckfield area are:

Uckfield North

Claire Dowling (Conservative)
Paul Sparks (Liberal Democrats)
Melissa Tysh (Green)
Robert Williams (Labour)

Uckfield South with Framfield

William Ball (Labour)
Chris Dowling (Conservative)
Paul Meakin (Liberal Democrats)
Pamela Tysh (Green)

Maresfield and Buxted

James Edwards (Liberal Democrats)
Roy Galley (Conservative)
Gareth Looker (Labour)
Ian Tysh (Green)

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm.

Results on Friday

The results for these electoral divisions are expected soon after lunch on Friday.

The changes to the boundaries were announced last September by the Local Government Boundary Commission following consultations. There will be 50 seats in all on the new council.

Trevor Scott, Deputy District Returning Officer, said: “The name of your County Council Division and your polling station will be on your polling card.”

Current political balance

The current political make-up of the council (49 seats) is as follows:

  •  Conservative: 21 
  •  Liberal Democrat: 10 
  •  Labour: 7 
  •  UKIP: 6
  •  Independent: 3
  •  Independent Democrat: 2

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