Boothland Wood, Uckfield, which is behind the skate park at the Victoria Pleasure Ground.

Councillors urged to protect Boothland Wood and Millennium Green

It is important for the interests of the people of Uckfield to be protected when Wealden Council allocates land as Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space to draw people away from the Ashdown Forest, a public meeting was told last week.

Mr Mel Sanders said there was a shortfall of land for SANGS within a site for 1,000 new homes west of Uckfield and Wealden was looking at the possibility of using Boothland Wood and Uckfield Millennium Green to supplement the allocation.

Mr Sanders said: “Surely those are for our benefit and not to allow developers to cram more houses on this site. If Uckfield Town Council allows this to happen they will be lining the pockets of developers. We need to protect the interests of the people of Uckfield.”

District and town councillor Helen Firth said that as district councillor for New Town she had discussed with the planning officer in charge of this development where SANGS would be. She said the aim was to protect the town rather than “violate” it.

She added; “I am very concerned and do keep an eye on what is happening and I do fight for what I believe to be right for Uckfield.”

Cllr Firth said town councillors would have every opportunity to put their views across.

Town councillor Alan Whittaker said he too was concerned about additional pressure on Boothland Wood. He wanted to know where open spaces would be on the new estate.

He told Mr Sanders: “We are all as concerned as you seem to be.”

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