Councillors to consider land sale

Uckfield town councillors are to consider selling a piece of land in Hughes Way, Uckfield.

Other options include renting it out, in which case it could be used for parking, as an extension to gardens or as an allotment.

Alternatively the council could continue maintaining the land in its present state.

It is next to 22 Hughes Way and runs parallel with North Row. It measures four metres by 20 metres, is oblong in shape, covered in shrubs and maintained by council staff.

A report to Monday’s meeting of the environment and leisure committee says the council has been approached by neighbours interested in buying the land.

Most recently a resident in North Row asked if it could be bought for car parking.

The committee is currently reviewing all its assets and the report says that if renting is considered then a notice would have to be placed on the site and in a local paper asking members of the public to register an interest together with their proposed use.

If the council considered selling the land then an independent valuation would be needed.

Update (added March 29, 2010): Councillors deferred making a decision because some had not visited the site.

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