Councillors asked to allow business use of farm buildings

Planners are being asked today (February 11) to allow the continued business use of former agricultural buildings.

Members of Wealden planning committee (north) are being recommended by officers to give conditional approval to the plan at Stream House, Oldlands Farm, Herons Ghyll.

A report to members says the retrospective application is to “regularise matters on this site where former agricultural buildings and land around them have been used for commercial, office and associated storage purposes without the benefit of planning permission”.

There are strong objections to the plan but also representations in support.

Committee members are told in a report the premises are used by Bershe-Rolt Ltd, which has designed a system of reinforcing masonry for all types of construction with the use of stainless steel rods and spacers.

The steel rods are fabricated on site, within buildings, from rolled steel that is delivered to the site.

Following preparation at the farm, the steel is delivered throughout the country in smaller packages by van to construction sites, where it is installed by the van drivers.

The same committee will also be asked to consider access to the site, dealt with in a separate planning application.

An access on to the A26 has been installed without permission and is the subject of an Enforcement Notice, members are informed in a report.

The proposal is for a new entrance/exit, further south into Herons Ghyll, in a position negotiated with East Sussex County Council Highway Authority.

Wealden councillors are recommended to give conditional approval.

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