Council to debate sale of land

Town councillors are to decide on Monday whether to sell land in Selby Road, Uckfield, for development.

Plans to build six homes on the site have been approved and the council is considering its sale to neighbouring landowners Traditional Homes.

Other suggestions have included using the land for allotments or as a Local Nature Reserve or park.  

Currently nearby residents are tidying and maintaining the site. They would like to keep it as a green area.

A report to the general purposes committee lists the council's spending plans and points out that sale of the land could raise £175,000 or, if the economic climate improves, even more than that towards funding its projects.

The report also points out the need to achieve 'best value' for the site.

Recommendations are to defer development of the land for at least six months until economic conditions improve and in the interim enter into a formal licence allowing residents to continue keeping the area tidy and clean. 



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