Council plans streamlined operation

Wealden District Council is planning to 'transform' the way it operates as it faces up to the prospect of a possible cut in grants from central government.

The 'streamlined' council is aiming to be a 'customer focussed, more efficient council providing excellent value for money'.

Councillors have been told that if changes are not made they will face a 'cliff-edge' financial situation where cuts of two to three million pounds have to be made in a year.

 A report said: 'All political parties nationally have indicated they expect the public services to find increasing levels of efficiency savings and this is likely to influence thinking on grant levels. There is, therefore, a high rick that grant allocations to local authorities will go down.'

The council may need fewer staff which would lead to redeployment or re-skilling. Redundancies may be needed if changes are not made through natural wastage. Some services could in future be provided by other organisations, which would see staff transferred.

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