Concern over lack of planning notices


Town councillors are concerned that no planning notices appear to have been displayed on the site proposed for a new house in the Church Coombe area of Uckfield.

They say this may have led neighbours being unable to comment on the scheme for a new property attached to 61 Manor Way, forming an additional terrace house.

A Notice of Planning Application should be displayed on the boundary of the site and members of the town council’s plans committee said they had not seen any notice when inspecting the site.


Members have requested the planning authority, Wealden District Council, extends the consultation period and ensures the “prominent display of the planning notice on site”.

From November last year, Wealden changed its methods to publicise planning applications and now:

  • Publishes applications on its website
  • Displays a notice(s) near the application site
  • Advertises certain applications in local newspapers

Notifications also appear on the council’s My Alerts weekly email (maximum of three applications for a specified radius).


Wealden District Council no longer sends letters to adjoining neighbours.

Planning application WD/2020/2200/F for 61 Manor Way, a two-bedroom semi-detached house, is to provide a new home in a “large garden” to the side of the existing house.

A design and access statement submitted with the proposal says it is similar, but reduced slightly in size, to a house approved under another application, reference WD/2009/2023/F.

It also includes relocation and reduction in size of a single storey studio previously granted permission (WD/2006/1494).


The statement says: “This building would be permitted development under the existing house, but is included on this application as it will fall in the curtilage of the new dwelling.”

The existing house has 65.6 sq m of internal floor area. The proposed house would have 61.4 sq m over two floors, and include a similar porch to one added to the existing dwelling.

The studio is currently 28.22 sq m in size but would be reduced to 20 sq m.

The statement says: “The proposal is to mirror the layout of number 61 with a slightly reduced floor area. The previous approved scheme had an internal passage to the existing entrance door of number 61 which is on the side of the property.

Front entrance

“This has been incorporated into the floor area of the proposed dwelling, by adding a front entrance to the existing dwelling.

“This has removed a wasted space and allowed the proposed dwelling to be very similar in size to the existing dwelling whilst maintaining the front and rear building lines.”

Both properties would have access, turning and parking on the current front garden space. The new house would also retain the existing garage.


The statement added: “Whilst the proposal does add to the number of dwellings in the street, the proposal is in character with the surrounding properties, some of which are terraces of three houses.

“The communal parking area to the north helps to maintain the openness of the street scene, and overall the impact of the proposal is low.”

See more details about planning application WD/2020/2200/F on the Wealden Council website.

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