Community warden idea back before Uckfield councillors

Uckfield Town Council is reconsidering the idea of employing a community warden prompted by changes to neighbourhood policing and other matters raised in town such as anti-social behaviour.uckfield-town-council-un

A report says a warden could also be involved in ‘behaviour change’ campaigns to reduce littering and dog fouling and possibly in on-street parking enforcement.

Councillors are told Forest Row and Crowborough councils already employ wardens.

In Forest Row the warden has provided a ‘helpful and reactive presence’ reacting to fly-tipping, graffiti, and neighbour complaints.

The report says: “The community warden also provided a valuable security presence at their festival and has become well-known in the community.

“The warden still has limited enforcement powers, and this has been noted by a couple of residents but the warden has built good relationships with the relevant authorities which has made a difference.”

The Crowborough warden works in partnership with Sussex Police and takes action, as able, to promote social inclusion, offer support to vulnerable households and to monitor fly-tipping, graffiti, defects in the highway and play spaces.”

Crime statistics for Uckfield over the past 12 months from are included in the report. They show a particular increase in Uckfield Central – High Street, Bell Farm Road, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, West Park, Rocks Park – where there were 45 reports in November 2017, compared with 29 in May 2017 and November 2016.

The council says most incidents related to the High Street.


Statistics collected by Uckfield Town Council from the website.

Uckfield North includes Manor Park, Churchcoombe and the upper part of High Street/London Road.

Uckfield Newtown includes the area south of Bell Lane junction, the station, and residential areas of New Town, both sides of the main road as far south as Selby Rise.

Uckfield Ridgewood incorporates the residential area of Ridgewood up as far as Little Horsted roundabout and just past Teelings Drive on Eastbourne Road.

• Uckfield Town Council rejected the idea of employing a community warden in July 2016 with one councillor saying the idea would be a “piece of fluff” to cover over cuts in Police Community Support Officers, read more here.

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