Comment: Idea to prevent parking at Uckfield Victoria Ground is ‘idiotic’

Uckfield Town Council’s environment committee,  led by Cllr Alan Whittaker, have come up with the idiotic idea to prevent motorists parking in Victoria Pleasure Ground unless they are using the park’s facilities, writes Uckfield resident Mel Sanders.

The council is considering a by-law to stop rail commuters and staff from local businesses from parking in Victoria during the working week.

This park has about 75 parking bays and is the least used car park in Uckfield.  At the most about a dozen commuters and business staff park there other wise it is mostly empty.

These motorists, if banned from Victoria, will try and park in Forge Rise, Farriers Way, Bridge Farm Road, New Place and any side roads in New Town causing more traffic chaos for local residents.

With ten parking spaces in Bell Walk being monopolised by Pets Corner for their customers, with threats of wheel clamping and with Luxford car park usually full by 10.30 am motorists will be driving around in ever decreasing circles looking for a space!

Uckfield council need to find more car parking spaces i.e. the old railway site.


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