This rhododendron bud enjoyed early in December peaked too soon and has shrivelled but there is still colour in the Uckfield garden.

There’s still colour in winter Uckfield garden

The flurry of falling leaves has contined this month and so the majority of time in the garden has been spent clearing them up.

Colder weather prompted us to wrap up the outside tap. We used bubble wrap and then an old piece of clothing, all tied together with string – all good practise for Christmas present wrapping, writes the Uckfield News Anonymous Gardener.


Frost shouldn’t be able to get at this garden tap, now protected by bubble wrap and an old item of clothing.

Despite the cold and bleak days there are signs of new life and colour if you look hard enough. Many daffodil bulbs and showing and due to the weather being reasonably mild the primroses have bloomed, albeit they are a little raggedy from the wind.


This primrose might be a little raggedy from the wind but it is still colourful in the garden.

The skimmia has also provided some early buds and colour for the garden.


More colour from this skimmia.

Early on in the month I noticed the rhododendron bush had buds which were opening up, extremely early, see picture at the top of this page. Unfortunately they peaked too soon and later on in the month the buds shrivelled up.

Finally Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year. See you again in 2015.

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