Chromebooks launch nears for Uckfield college students

Major changes in the way Uckfield Community Technology College students are taught and learn are under way.

Children will be using Cromebook laptop computers.

The college, in partnership with Google Education, Discovery Education and XMA, has announced it will hold a Chromebooks for Learning Show 2015 on June 26.

A college spokesman said: “This is a celebration of our inspirational use of technology as we take an innovative step forward into the future of teaching and learning with our One to One Chromebooks for Learning Scheme.

“We will showcase how technology is transforming the education of all of our students, sharing the experiences of our learners and teachers with you through a mixed schedule of inspiring talks and hands-on demonstrations.

Google Apps for Education

“Learn about our engaging use of Google Apps for Education across the whole college, our adoption of Discovery Education’s ground-breaking cross-curricular resources and our student membership of East Sussex Libraries Services, including the Overdrive e-book lending service.”

This event is free to attend with general admission and specific session tickets being bookable soon – details will appear on the UCTC website.

During June and July, students in the current Years 7, 8 and 9 will be allocated Chromebooks.

The new intake Year 7 will be allocated their Chromebooks in November.

In a message to parents on the college website, the principal, Hugh Hennebry, said: “We are very excited about the impact this scheme will have on the learning of our students.”

Parents are having to pay £299 for the Chromebooks. Payment over 12 months is possible and anyone with concerns about meeting the payments should contact the college finance team in confidence.

Why is UCTC introducing Chromebooks for students?

The college says: “It is not future technology; it is the present. Our students embrace mobile phones, internet and personalised technology.

“It will be their future working and learning experience.

“Chromebooks will help pupils organise, communicate, learn and study at home and in school.

“Individual access to technology is not something that should happen in a few rooms in a school. It should be for everyone, everywhere, anytime. Chromebooks enable that.

“Students are used to having access to the internet at all times, in all places – school should not be the exception.

“We want our students to have access to the greatest source of information ever assembled and to study in their own innovative and personalised ways.

“We need to make full and effective use of technology for learning. Students need to learn about safe, effective, and productive use of technology learning tools.

“We want to make the educational experience for pupils at UCTC as varied, dynamic and stimulating as possible.”

–          Taken from the UCTC website

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