Checking for signs of spring at Hempstead Meadows, Uckfield

I thought I would take a look at the Hempstead Meadows nature reserve in Uckfield at the weekend to check for signs of spring.

It was still manky and swampy but beginning to green up and there was one oasis of yellow flowers. Many thanks to Wendy Tagg for identifying them as king cups. They are pictured here, writes The Ambler./images/2011_march/hempstead_meadows_2603.jpg

Read more about this reserve in a previous Breathing Spaces feature: Promise yourself two visits to this spot.

From Hempstead Meadows I wandered up to the Victoria Ground to enjoy the views. It was a little bit hazy but still good for the spirit to look out over farmland.

I wondered how much of that view would remain in the future because Wealden Council favours development to the west of New Town between Lewes Road and the line of the former Uckfield to Lewes railway, stretching nearly to the A22 bypass in one direction and the Victoria Ground in the other.

Read more in the Uckfield News story One site for 1,000 homes.

On the way back into town I couldn’t resist going to see whether any progress had been made on the development due to take place on the site of the now demolished St Michael’s Convent.

Here is the view from the drive leading to the back of St Philip’s School. Below that is one taken through a gap between gate and fence. Strange to see the previously hidden side of St Philip’s School there.

Here’s a reminder of what is due to happen on the site: Landmark building is disappearing from Uckfield’s skyline.



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