CCTV for Pepenbury and more security for preservation society shop after raids

Charity shop Pepenbury is stepping up security after cash was stolen from its High Street premises last week.

CCTV cameras will be installed as a result of the raid (see report here) and an earlier attempted break-in at the rear of the premises.

The Uckfield and Distrrict Preservation Society shop was also raided by the thieves and a spokesman confirmed they were enhancing security.

Pepenbury provides high quality care and support for adults with a learning disability. You can read more on its website here

Retail and business development manager for Pepenbury, Ian Nightingale, believed the thieves who struck in Uckfield targeted smaller charities because they were perceived as an easier target.

He said charity shops owned by national charities tended to have higher levels of security and more volunteer staff on duty.

Smaller, more local charities, found it harder to attract volunteers because people were not aware of the work they do while it was easier to associate with national charities, which often had the support of celebrities.

Mr Nightingale said the cost of added security was an expense they could do without. “We could be doing something a lot better with the money,” he said.

If you wish to volunteer to help Pepenbury, ring 01892 822168.

As well as its Uckfield outlet, Pepenbury has shops at Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells, Southborough and Paddock Wood as well as a coffee shop open to the public at the main Pepenbury site at Cornford Lane, Pembury.

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